Let Them Eat Pizza! A Pizza Hut Friendsgiving

pizza Friendsgiving
No time? No problem! Friendsgiving doesn’t get much easier than this!

It sounds crazy – why would you not serve turkey on Thanksgiving? Not everyone likes turkey and not everyone likes to cook, but, everyone likes pizza. So, let them eat pizza! We’re hosting a Pizza Hut Friendsgiving!

I teamed up with Grateful and Pizza Hut to create this super fun idea that’s perfect for a Friendsgiving. Everyone’s busy these days and may not have family in town, so instead of a formal, fancy Thanksgiving, this is for you. Check out this post for food and tablescape inspiration!

thanksgiving pizza
Who doesn’t love pizza? There are no rules that say you can’t serve it for Thanksgiving

The Table Setting

thanksgiving pizza
We had some fun with the pizza and carved special letters to remind everyone why we came together!

Even though this is a super casual setting for Thanksgiving and we’re getting takeout, it doesn’t mean we can’t be creative with our table. My trusty long wooden board served as the centerpiece for the table and our pizza in the letters THX graced the middle of the board. We used 3 cheese pizzas for the letters and cut them easily with a knife.

Pro tip: Carve any letters or numbers into a whole pizza for a birthday celebration or a monogram for a wedding or baby shower. Place onto a fun platter or board for a pretty display.

pewter chargers
I’ve had these pewter beaded chargers for years – there are one of my go-to entertaining pieces!

Keeping it simple and rustic, like an Italian supper should be, I used paper wood tree slice placemats and beaded pewter chargers.

easy table setting
Simplicity is the key here – your table setting shouldn’t take you longer than getting the food ready

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What We Served

pizza dinner
Of course we ordered a variety of pizza so everyone could enjoy their favorite toppings!
bread rolls
Bread on Thanksgiving is just a given – here’s our version!
garlic rolls
Garlic knots were the perfect accompaniment to the pizza
wine and pizza
You can’t have pizza without wine – we chose a great chianti to pair with our dinner

Extra Details

marinara sauce
Individual bowls of marinara gave everyone their own dipping sauce – a nice touch so double-dipping isn’t an issue!
wood slice name cards
I found these small wood slices online and carved everyone’s name with a wood burning pen.

Pro Tip: By organizing place cards ahead of time, it takes the guesswork out of where to sit and lets your guest know you’ve thought of them ahead of time.

chocolate brownies
Hershey’s triple chocolate brownies are a great treat, especially for chocolate lovers!
Cinnabon mini rolls
Cinnabon mini rolls with signature cream cheese frosting give our sweet tooth a perfect ending to the night
rosemary sprigs
Fresh sprigs of rosemary added a pretty green touch to the table and kept with my Italian theme

Pro Tip: Don’t forget about your own yard or garden for special herbs, leaves, or branches to lend a natural, organic feel to your table.

Happy Friendsgiving!

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