chick-fil-a Friendsgiving

A Chick-Fil-A Friendsgiving and Tablescape

Thanksgiving is almost here! Don’t know how to cook, but want to celebrate with your friends? Your turn to host this year, but you’ve run out of time to grocery shop? Fancy dinnerware to you is whatever is on sale in the paper good section? Perfect – I’ve got you covered for how to host a fast food Friendsgiving with Chick-fil-A and set the table so it looks great too!

I teamed up with the creative minds at Grateful, the geniuses behind, to come up with this cute fast-food chic dinner and table setting. It’s super easy for the host, because all of the cooking is done for you! This table takes very little time to assemble, so the only thing you have to worry about it is filling the seats. Read on for how we pulled it off!

The Table

food centerpiece
How awesome is the overhead shot of our table? The food takes center stage here!

At the center of our table was the amazing black cutting board from Easy Boards USA. I’ve used it as a table runner, but it can serves as a cutting board, a floral background, a cheese platter, just about anything you can think of.

white pumpkin plates
White pumpkin plates are perfect for this black and white color scheme

Since Chick-fil-A’s colors are black, white and red, we stuck with this color scheme. I used Hester & Cook’s painted check paper table runner and placed them the short way across the table, connecting the place setting across from each other.

black white stripe napkins
Black and white stripe napkins with black flatware were my own – super versatile, they go with anything!

My trusty charcoal plates are on display here and they couldn’t be more fitting for this tablescape. These might be used more than my white plates!

white pumpkins
Real pumpkins can last about 8-12 weeks if uncut, so you can purchase these in early October and still use them for Thanksgiving decor!

Shop the tablescape here:


The Food

chicken nugget turkey
I mean, talk about the perfect DIY project for your Thanksgiving table . . .

Have you ever seen a chicken nugget turkey? This was so easy and so much fun, it will be the talk of your table. Here’s how to do it:

  1. You need 2 styrofoam balls, one large, one small. Cut off the bottom of the large one, so it has a flat resting surface.
  2. You need several dozen chicken nuggets.
  3. With toothpicks and gloves, gently push through each nugget and secure it to the large Styrofoam ball, until covered. Leave a space to attach the head.
  4. Spray paint the small ball brown.
  5. Use googly eyes and a paper beaker the final touches.
  6. Attach the small head to the body with glue.
  7. Place red, yellow and orange feathers on the body.
chicken nugget turkey
Palmer is eyeing that chicken nugget turkey . . . yum!
chicken sandwich
Chicken sandwiches were piled on a platter and placed in the center of the table
Chips last longer than fries, so we grabbed a bunch of them and left them in the bags for added detail

Extra Details

No place cards? No problem! We made our own!

ketchup name card
We poured ketchup into a squeeze bottle and wrote everyone’s name above their place setting.
ketchup names
Our guests’ names become part of their dip too!!
coke bottles
Classic Coca Cola in glass bottles go hand-in-hand with chicken!
cow favor
Everyone got their own Chick-Fil-A cow as a favor!
dipping sauce
We scattered different types of dipping sauce around the table to satisy everyone’s taste preferences
sriracha dip
Spicy sriracha anyone?
dipping sauce
Polynesian sauce for the win!

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