How to Duplicate a $2000 Luxury Fall Tablescape for $200

When I first saw a gorgeous Fall table setting from a high-end tabletop rental company a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with it. I added the cost of this exact table for 6 people and quickly realized how expensive it would be. So, I set out to duplicate a $2,000 luxury fall tablescape for much, much less: one-tenth the cost. It replicates a very similar feel to the original and just goes to show you that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look like you have a fortune!

The Original Luxury Rental Tablescape

luxury rental tablescape
Courtesy of Casa de Perrin

My Version – Perfect for a Friendsgiving Tabletop!

duplicating a luxury tablescape
Courtesy of me!

How I did it

Without completely replicating the luxury brand, I changed a few things to make my affordable version. Using orange for plates instead of in the centerpiece made this different enough to call it my own. White, bamboo chargers were the most expensive item on the table, but I found these on sale as summer was ending.

Pro Tip: Look for summer-colored items to go on sale in August and winter-colored items to go on sale in February.

luxury tablescape replica
A sprig of rosemary from the garden gives the setting some freshness and greenery


The charcoal plates ( a staple in my entertaining stockpile) were a mere $3 each and the powder blue salad plates were $4 each.  Matte black flatware and dark gray linen napkins were from my own collection. Faceted crystal glasses are vintage, lovingly passed down from my grandmother.

You Found This Where?

pumpkin centerpiece
Scattering the pumpkins down the center is a fun way to fill up the middle of the table

Are you ready for this revelation? The orange pumpkin plates, the cute thanksgiving wooden words and the velvet pumpkins came from the dollar section at Target!! Honestly, I’ve discovered such a treasure trove here that I can’t even tell you.

wooden words
Yep, I’m grateful.
mini white pumpkins
Mixing in real, white mini pumpkins gives some authenticity to the table. I love the long stems!

The Math

Here’s the breakdown:

White chargers: $15

Charcoal plates: $3

Blue salad plates: $4

Pumpkin plates: $1.50

Pumpkins: $50

Wooden words: $6

Six of my place settings cost $147, plus the pumpkins, for a total of $197. To rent or buy the original tablescape would cost you over $2,000. I just saved you $1,800.

You’re welcome. Xoxo


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