A Traditional and Classic Christmas Tablescape

Plaid, red, green, gold, lights, trees, sparkles, twinkles. Does this ring your bell? Then this traditional and classic Christmas tablescape is for you. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I like to change things up and give them a twist. Not with this one. I went straightforward classic, traditional, time-honored, historic, customary Christmas. And I’m not apologizing.

Traditional and classic Christmas Table
How pretty is this view of my holiday table?

The Place Setting

Classic red and green Christmas place setting
Gold chargers, plaid dinner plates and ornament-clad salad dessert plates adorn this setting – red, green and classic!

It’s hard not to get suckered into buying an entire placesetting of adorable holiday patterned plates, but consider purchasing just a set of salad plates or dessert plates. It’s much more affordable and your storage space will thank you.


Gold-rimmed coupe glasses
Gorgeous coupe glasses play off the gold chargers and blend into this traditional holiday scheme perfectly
Traditional and classic Christmas table
Matte gold flatware lends a modern touch to an otherwise very customary setting

To shop the plates:


To shop the glasses and flatware:

Table Linens

Plaid Table Runner with coordinating holiday napkins
Bright and classic – this tartan plaid tablecloth runner can be used for years to come. The napkins have a pretty red trim that could be repurposed for Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July or even a BBQ.

To shop the linens:

The Centerpiece

Metal Holiday Tabletop Ornament Tree
Purchased at Pottery Barn years ago, I’ve been able to make this metal ornament tree work for many holidays!
Red roses on a holiday Tablescapes
Red roses are easily found this time of year. Simply arrange in groups of 5 or 6 in small vases and scatter down the middle of the table for a pretty effect!


Magnolia holiday garland
A magnolia garland has green leaves on one side and a golden color on the flip side – which blends in perfectly with my gold accents

Real magnolia leaves can be purchased fresh and then dried so that you can enjoy them for several years. This one is from The Magnolia Company and comes with a box for proper storage.

Don’t forget the candles – they add a warm and soft ambiance to any table. I like gold taper candles with a little sparkle for some holiday glam. The jewel-shaped ornaments on the trees are from Target!

To shop the centerpiece:

Extra Details

Heirloom lettuce from the garden
I love garnishing food platters with fresh, heirloom lettuce from our garden

Red sequins adorned my dress and the billowing sleeves gave me room to maneuver throughout the night.

Here’s a link for the dress and shoes:

Basil from the garden
Clipping fresh basil for cocktails adds a special touch
Yellow Lab holiday table
My table is Palmer-approved!


    1. Hi Lori! Thank you so much – I’m so glad you liked this one. It was special for me to style a table using my heirloom pieces! xoxo

  1. Julie Roth

    Thank you so much for including us in your gorgeous tablescape Lory! Our fresh garlands work beautifully on tables and like all of our fresh items, they dry beautifully as well. Since Magnolia garlands are free form, they are a bit harder to store and re-use once dried. For table pieces that can be stored and re-used from season to season, we recommend our fresh Magnolia mantlepieces because they are crafted on a sturdy base and can be easily moved. We offer them in all of our garland designs. Happy holidays Lory!

  2. Vicki Bonner

    Your diversity is enchanting -each table more interesting than the last .

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  4. Holliday Johnson

    Another gorgeous table setting! I just love the centerpiece and the magnolia leaves! Reminds me of home. XO

    1. Thanks Holliday! Nothing better than beautiful, two-toned magnolia leaves. I’m glad you feel a sense of nostalgia when you see them! xoxo

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